2020 Volume 2 No. 4



Russian literature XVIII and XIX centuries


Vinogradov I. A.

Psychology of Nikolai Gogol


Voropayev V. A.

Nikolai Gogol as a political thinker


Seryagin S. N.

Nikolai Gogol and Dmitriy Valuyev


Tarasov B. N. 

The concept of “Christian empire” in the historiosophy of Fyodor Tyutchev

Troitskiy V. Yu.

The idea of the state and popular thought in the poetry of Apollon Maykov


Mel’nik V. I. 

 “The totality of all the forces of Russian life ...” (Ivan Goncharov about strong Russia)


Nikishov Yu. M.

Eugene Onegin’s stages of evolution


Pitirim, Bishop of Skopin and Shatsk (worldy lastname – Tvorogov)

The sovereign thought in the sermons of St. Theophan, recluse of Vysha


Shcherbakova M. I. 

 “A Trip through Italy” by Bishop Porphyrius (worldly Konstantin Uspensky) as a cultural and historical source


Polyakov I. A., Smirnova M. A. 

А work by Abbot J.-H. Michon “A New Solution to the Question of the Holy Places” of 1852 and its translation into Russian by the members of the first Russian Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem


Andreeva V. G.

“Excited Snails”. Radicalism and apoliticalism in the novel “Smoke” by Ivan Turgenev


Fetisenko O. L. 

“Heirs of Byzantium” in the assessment of friends and foes: Russian sovereignty as a cross-cutting theme of “oriental stories” by Konstantin Leontiev


Scientific Life


Gulin A. V.

International scientific conference “Russian Literature and National Sovereignty of the 18th – 19th Centuries”: concept, results and prospects


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