PhD in Philology, Director of Research of the Department of Literature of Gulia Abkhaz Institute for the Humanities, Abkhazian Encyclopaedia Research centre, Sukhum, Abkhazia

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Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Abkhaz State University in 1984; in 1991, postgraduate studies at Gorky Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences.

PhD thesis:

Poetics of the Abkhaz novel (1992)

Scientific and organisational activities:

Head of “Abkhaz Encyclopaedia” research centre

Member of the editorial board of the journal “Two Centuries of Russian Classics” (IWL RAS)

Member of the editorial board of the journal “Bulletin of Science of Kerashev Adyghe Republican Institute of Humanitarian Investigations” (Maykop).

Honours and awards:

2005 – Decorated with the Order “Honor and Glory” of the third degree for his great contribution to the study of the history of Abkhazian literature and for his successes in organizing science in Abkhazia.

2008 – Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Abkhazia Dzidzaria in the field of science for the scientific publication of the book “The Newspaper ‘Abkhazia’ (1919–1921)”.

2011 – Decorated with of the Order of “Labour Glory” III degree of the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation for his great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia, for his high achievements in scientific and social activities.

2016 – Honorary title “Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Abkhazia” is awarded for achievements in scientific and organizational activities.


Scientific publications – over 80 publications, including six books

Selected scientific publications:


  • Literary horizons. Articles, interviews, speeches. Sukhumi, Abkhaz state publishing house, 2016. 224 p. (In Russ.)
  • Books by Abkhaz writers and literary critics. Bibliographical index. Sukhumi, Abkhaz state publishing house, 2016. 337 p. (In Abkhaz and Russian).
  • Traces of time. Articles. Sukhumi, Abkhaz state publishing house, 2009. 210 p. (In Abkhaz).
  • Fundamentals of literary theory. Sukhumi, Abkhaz State University, 2008. (In Abkhaz), (jointly with D. S. Adzhindzhal).
  • The newspaper “Abkhazia” (1919–1921). (Text preparation, foreword, comments by Vasily Sh. Avidzba). Sukhumi, Enlightenment publishing house, 2006. 612 p. (In Abkhaz; abstract in Russian).
  • Abkhaz novel. Sukhumi, Enlightenment publishing house, 1997. 162 p.



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  • Features of the work of Caucasian educators of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Herald of Adyghe State University, issue 10, 2008, pp. 123–129. (In Russ.)


Teaching activities:

Associate Professor of Department of Abkhaz Literature, Abkhaz State University