DSc in Philology, Professor, Director of Research, A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, Honoured Worker of Science of the Russian Federation

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PhD thesis:

Realism of Nikolai Leskov (1965)

DSc thesis:

Russian Romantic prose in the 1820s – 30s (1985)

Education and training, internships:

Graduated from the Department of History and Philology of Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute in 1958.

Scientific and organisational activities:

Chairman of the Commission on teaching of the Russian Language and Literature at schools, Department of Literature & Language, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of the Commission on education of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of public consultative council “Education as a mechanism for shaping the spiritual and moral culture of society” under Moscow Department of Education.

Member of the Russian Folkish Academy of Sciences.

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia.

Member of the editorial board of the IWL RAS scientific journal “Two Centuries of the Russian Classics”.

Honours and awards:

Honoured Worker of Science of the Russian Federation


Selected scientific publications:


  • Spirituality of the word: the word in philological education and upbringing. Moscow, ITRK publishing house Publ., 2001. (In Russ.)
  • Literature at school: a book for teachers of Russian philology. Moscow: VLADOS Humanitarian Centre Publ., 2000. 430 p. (In Russ.)
  • Paths of Russian school. Moscow, publishing house “Light of the Fatherland” Publ., 1994. 96 p. (In Russ.)
  • Nikolai Leskov as an artist. Moscow, Nauka (Science) Publ., 1974. 215 p. (In Russ.)

Web of Science / Scopus publications

Nikolai Leskov’s creative work and the poetics of Russian romantic prose of the 1820s–30s. Philological Sciences, no. 2, 1981, pp. 24–30. (In Russ.)


  • On the ecological foundations of disciplines of the humanities and on tasks of philological education. In Orthodox Russian school: traditions, experience, possibilities, perspectives. Yaroslavl, 202, pp. 198–215. (In Russ.)
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  • Eternal light of Russian word. Classic literature and our time. Literature at School, no. 11, 2015, pp. 2–6. (In Russ.)

Teaching activities:

Taught in Moscow Suvorov military school from 1958 to 1966.