2023 Volume 5 No. 3

Russian Literature of the 18th–19th Centuries


Cavazza A.
Some Observations on the Importance of the Translation of the Story “The Luminous Resurrection of Christ” in Shaping and Developing the Easter Tale

Sergey S. Zhdanov

“The Blessed Germany” Between Emotio et Ratio: New Aspects of German Space Imagery in “Travel Letters from England, Germany and France” by N. I. Gretch

Vladimir I. Melnik
Raisky and Paradise in The Precipice by I. A. Goncharov

Evgenija M. Geronimus
L. N. Tolstoy and N. G. Chernyshevsky: Attractions and Repulsions — Personal and Literary

Irina Yu. Smirnova
“Enlightenment” or “Enrichment”: About the Values and State of Russian Post-reform Society in A. I. Ertel’s Series “Notes of Stepnyak”

Anastasia A. Kalitnik
Moscow in Novellas and Short Stories by S. V. Engelgardt

Elena Yu. Knorre
“They Divided the Estate During the War”: L. N. Tolstoy’s Traditions in the Estate Text of the 20th Century

Maxim V. Skorokhodov
Reading and Library in the Russian Literary Tradition (From a Landowner’s Estate to the Dacha of the Soviet Period)


Textual Criticism. Source Study


Pavel V. Ilyin
M. I. Pushchin and His Autobiographical Memoirs

Elena V. Belousova
Review of Tolstoy’s Mother M. N. Tolstaya Collection in the Manuscript Department of the National Library of Russia

Nina V. Trofimova
A. N. Ostrovsky’s Work with Ancient Russian Sources in Two Versions of the Drama “Kozma Zakharyich Minin, Sukhoruk”

Irina V. Fedorova
“Unsuitable for Printing”: On the Principles of Selecting Pilgrimage Notes for Publication