Keywords: P. V. Palievsky, literature of the human document, A. I. Lizyukov, Great Patriotic War, Solovyovo crossing, image of history, national problems.
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Afanasyev, I. N. Solovyovo Crossing of Peter Palievsky, or Life and Death of Ideas in Dialogues about War and Peace. Dva veka russkoi klassiki, vol. 5, no. 2, 2023, pp. 182–197. (In Russ.)

Author: Ivan N. Afanasyev
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Ivan N. Afanasyev, Candidate of Philological Sciences, docent, Head of the Department of Russian and World Literature, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences of Russia, ul. Sovetskaya 104, 246019 Gomel, Republic of Belarus.

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Received: March 07, 2023
Approved after reviewing: April 22, 2023
Published: June 25, 2023
Issue: 2023 Volume 5 No. 2
Department: To the 90th Birthday of Pyotr Vasilievich Palievsky
Pages: 182–197

UDK: 821.161.1.09"19"


The article deals with the image of history formed in the views of the literary critic and thinker P. V. Palievsky. Palievsky’s thoughts (with the exception of references to published works) were expressed by him in correspondence and oral conversations, the records of which are kept in the author’s personal archive. The focus is on the personal experience of the Great Patriotic War, expressed by Palievsky in such a theoretical generalization of humanitarian knowledge about man and history, which implies the conceptual primacy of life, comprehended in its “stem” quality as overcoming the gap between “own” and “alien.” This is the basis of Palievsky’s understanding of the heroic, which entails not only a literary orientation, but also an assessment of specific human destinies in their belonging to a great History. This approach is embodied in the article on the example of the military fate of the commander, Hero of the Soviet Union A. I. Lizyukov.


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