Keywords: N. M. Karamzin, history of Russia, image of a historian, attitude, selfidentification, knowledge, truth, state, emperor.
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Sapchenko, L. A. “A Sensitive Author and a Strict Historian in the Essay by N. M. Karamzin ʽOn the Moscow Rebellion in the Reign of Alexei Mikhailovich’.” Dva veka russkoi klassiki, vol. 5, no. 2, 2023, pp. 6–23. (In Russ.)

Author: Liubov A. Sapchenko
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Liubov A. Sapchenko, DSc in Philology, Professor, Department of Russian Language, Literature and Journalism, Ulyanovsk State University of Education, 4/5 Lenin Sq., 432071 Ulyanovsk, Russia.


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Received: February 16, 2023
Approved after reviewing: March 30, 2023
Published: June 25, 2023
Issue: 2023 Volume 5 No. 2
Department: Russian Literature of the 18th–19th Centuries
Pages: 6–23

UDK: 821.161.1.09"19"


The article undertakes a study of Karamzin’s historical essays published in the “Vestnik Evropy” (1802–1803) and representing various modifications of the image of a historian (“smart historian,” “timid historian,” “impartial historian,” “frivolous historian,” ёёёёёёё“strict historian” and etc.). Referring to the essay “On the Moscow Rebellion in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich” allows the author of the article to assert that on the eve of writing his historical work, Karamzin creates an image of an alien flattery and relying only on reliable evidence of the Russian Patriot Historian, whose word sounds like an incorruptible voice of truth not only in factological sense, but also in the state-patriotic one. According to the researcher’s observations, the analyzed essay is dominated by the point of view of a “strict historian,” who evaluates the activities of the ruler from the standpoint of national interests (“state morality”), which does not coincide with the perception of events by a sensitive author and marks an important milestone in Karamzin’s ideological evolution.


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