2022 Volume 4 No. 3

To the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Apollon Alexandrovich Grigoriev


Andrei P. Dmitriev
Apollon Grigoriev’s Translations from Shakespeare: Creative Laboratory, Censorship History, Critical Assessments

Irina A. Yedoshina
Apollon Grigoriev in the Evaluations of Vasily Spiridonov (To the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of A. A. Grigoriev and the 70th Anniversary of the Death of V. S. Spiridonov)

Anna N. Larionova
Diaries of the Protagonist in the Structure of Autobiographical Prose by A. A. Grigoriev (Based on the Stories “Man of the Future,” “My Acquaintance with Vitalin,” “Ophelia”)


Russian Literature of the 18th–19th Centuries


Ksenia A. Potashova
The Image’s Visuality as a Principle of Artistic Description of Historical Events in the G. R. Derzhavin’s Battle Odes

Mikhail M. Safonov
Memoirs of V. A. Sollogub about the Prehistory of A. S. Pushkin’s Duel

Nina L. Ermolaeva
L. N. Tolstoy and A. T. Tvardovsky. On the Way to Epic


Textual Criticism


Tatyana G. Tairova-Yakovleva
The Tradition of Diaries in the Ukrainian Hetmanate

Irina A. Lobakova
On the Development of the Author’s Principle in Russian Historiography (On the Example of the Editor of the Historical Compilation of the First Half of the 18th Century)

Elizaveta A. Vlasova
Documents from the Archive of Baroness Varvara Kruedener and the Reflection of the Personality of Napoleon Bonaparte

Pavel V. Ilyin
The Manuscript of the Memoirs of the Decembrist S. P. Trubetskoy from the Collection of Professor I. A. Shlyapkin: Attribution, Dating, Comparison with Other Editions

Nataliya L. Vinogradskaya
I. V. Vuich’s “Journal” as a Historical and Cultural Source

Mikhail V. Druzin
Two Diaries of Lieutenant General Nikolai Afanasyevich Obruchev


Scientific Life


Valeriy A. Domanskiy
Early N. A. Nekrasov in Lifetime Criticism

Natalia A. Tarasova
The Late Journalism of F. M. Dostoevsky: an Author and Readers, Sources and Texts